Pyrorapture / Fred & Ethel

by Logical Phalluses

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Un single un peu foufou qui laisse présager le meilleur pour la suite... Déjà le nom du groupe a de quoi interpeller et la pochette est très parlante, alors, on attend la suite avec une certaine excitation ! Favorite track: Fred & Ethel.
Benjamin Rouse
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Benjamin Rouse Sex, rock and groove...and interesting meters. Please release more. Favorite track: Pyrorapture.
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released September 12, 2015

Gabriel Riccio - Vocals, Keyboards, Noise
Skull Fist - Piano, Composition (Pyrorapture)
Sophia Uddin - Violin, Viola, Composition (F&E, AVIYS)
Travis Orbin & Spider - Drums, Percussion, Noise
Greg Loman - Electric Guitar
Tom Murphy - Electric Bass
Walrus - Tenor Saxophone
Alex Ellsworth - Violoncello

Artwork by Sophia Uddin
Recorded and produced by Gabriel Riccio ( except:
Drums & percussion arranged, recorded and mixed by Travis Orbin (
Piano on Pyro & F&E recorded by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Studios (
Mixed and Mastered by William Wells at Eeyore's Lair (



all rights reserved


Logical Phalluses

Logical Phalluses are the demented, sex-crazed alter-ego of The Gabriel Construct. Inspired by John Waters, John Cage, John Christ, John Zorn, John Cale, John Butler, John Tavener, John Frusciante, John Wetton, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Mr. Bungle, and Tronald Dumpf. ... more

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Track Name: Pyrorapture
Voiceover: You think you know why the dinosaurs went extinct, but everything you've been told is a lie!
Gather 'round, boys and girls, and I will tell you what REALLY happened!

"Flames lick my lover’s scales
Kinda gets me hot
Fire burns the bed to cinders
Oh yeah, cum a lot

I want to burn our house down
Orgy in the ash
Would you pour the gasoline out
Soak all our flesh

Fuck fuck fuck fu-fuck fuck fuck fu-....

Slash your claws across my back
Like a raptor on attack
I'm brontosaurus, you're T-rex
Sink your teeth into my neck

Strangelove wasn’t all that kinky
But I know what to do
I want to ride an H bomb
While riding you

I want to start a fire
Out of control
Burning til the whole wide world is
Black as my soul"

Voiceover: When Earth was but a child
Dinos ruled the land
Asteroids did not kill them
They died by their own hands
Track Name: Fred & Ethel
All brick, no wall.
Bathroom, no stall.
Cell phone, no call.
Lucille, no Ball.
Grandma, no shawl.
Tavern, no brawl.
Jump me, don't fall.
Gotcha, that's all!

I'm tuned the way you like to play me.
I'm sweet the way you like to taste me, yeah!

Yesss, I take pride in my fantasies.
I make what I earn, yesss, and I take what I owe.
And I wake you in the night, ahhh, wanting more, wanting more.
What am I?


I'm sweet the way you like to taste me.
I'm tuned the way you like to play me.
I like the way you smack me, TAKE ME NOW!

They're little, they're hard and brown,
Gotta boil em down, stir em round,
Spin em like a pulsar, a
Faraway star, noir de l'étoile,
Those lentils permeate my mind,
friendly pictures inside project to me
On the cover of a birthday card from Hubble,
Delivered first-class on a celestial train
With insurance and postage pre-paid to my brain.
But cosmic rays bombard me with spaghetti
Grown flaccid at the hands of a chef with shitty plans,
Feel it slip between your fingers
And try to tie, wish it were dry,
Slide along it down the wormhole and watch that
Knot disappear, run away from you in fear,
pasta made from dark matter, evasive
Like a slippery lover, farther and farther

Meet me out back.
Dress all in black.
I got your back.
You got the knack.
Pick up the slack.
Don't smoke that crack.
Brand new backpack.
Silent attack!

I'm sweet the way you like to taste me.
I'm tuned the way you like to play me.
I'm hard the way you like to take me, YEAH!